M.T. McArdle Company History

M. T. McArdle Co. LLC was started as a borescope manufacturers’ agency and borescope rental firm in 1991. Our business plan was to offer quality “Remote Visual Inspection” products to, both, the frequent user and the occasional user. The frequent users tended to buy borescopes and the occasional users wanted to rent the borescope equipment. At that time there were few suppliers in the country that rented borescopes and pipe camera inspection equipment. We saw our rental business grow substantially in a short time, and in 1999 we started to rent video inspection cameras exclusively. We started the rental side of the business with two video scopes and one pipe camera. We now have a small warehouse full of various video scopes, snake cameras, and pipe cameras or as most users refer to all of them, “borescopes”. Twenty years experience in the “RVI” rental business helps us to help you.

M. T. McArdle Co LLC is now wholly owned by Mary McArdle, who has been here since the start of the company.

Our goal is to get your rental application right. We rent borescopes and video inspection systems from the leading manufacturers such as GE, Olympus, and Wohler. We recommend the right products based on your specifications, not on what we have in stock. If we don’t have what you need, we do not hesitate in referring a borescope company or rental competitor that might better serve your application.