Video Probe & Pipe Camera Rental Equipment

articulating video probe (“snake camera”) systems*

An articulating video probe or pipe camera is a smaller diameter, flexible camera that varies in length from 4’ to 25’ long. These videoscopes have articulating controls that allow the tip to be moved in four directions to make the inspection easier to perform. Commonly, this type of video inspection camera is used to inspect chillers, boilers, process piping, condensers, turbines, castings, and for a host of other applications.

Our articulating borescope rental equipment includes:

6MM X 1.3M (1/4” X 4’)
6MM X 2.0M (1/4” X 6.5’)
6MM X 3.5M (1/4” X 11’)
6MM X 5.0M (1/4” X 16’)
6MM X 7.5M (1/4”X 25’)

8MM X 5M (3/8” X 16’)
8MM X 6M (3/8” X 20’)
8MM X 7.5M (3/8” X 25’)

non-articulating pipe camera systems*

A non-articulating pipe camera is a larger diameter video inspection camera on a long reel. These pipe cameras are generally used in larger boiler tubes, process piping, steam lines, feed water lines and other applications where a longer video probe is needed. Our non-articulating pipe camera rental equipment includes:

1” X 65’
1” X 100’
1” X 165’
1.75” X 100’
1.75” X 165’
2” Pan and Tilt Camera Head X 100’

*All systems are paired with a digital capture device. Customers can record digital stills and/or digital video on various media. Standard vhs recorders can be sent upon request.

Articulating Videoscope with Joystick Control

Efficient inpsections from where you need to be - close to the source.